Shoulder, Arm, & Neck Pain Treatments in Silverdale, WA

Serving the Silverdale, WA communities for decades, our knowledgeable and talented team at Clark Chiropractic takes great pride in providing helpful services that make an impact on the lives of our patients.

From simple adjustments to massages and more, we will find a treatment that is right for your needs. To learn more about our services, feel free to check out our blog, or read through what some of our past and current patients have had to say about their experience.


“After 30 years of suffering with constant pain and 4 surgeries for Spinal Stenosis, a friend took me to see Dr. Clark. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was doubtful, because I have been told by my spine surgeons not to go to a chiropractor, but I was in so much pain that I was ready to try anything. Much to my surprise, after just one visit, I saw an obvious improvement. My back pain was greatly reduced. I could hardly believe it! I walked very carefully for the next two days thinking I might do something to make the pain come back. But at the second visit not only had the major back pain NOT returned, but all the other pains in my neck, legs and hips also disappeared! I still wonder how that little machine could take away all that pain I had been suffering with all these years. Now after just a few short weeks, I can walk farther and stand longer than I had in 20 years. I also have more endurance. What a miracle I thought…. I am still marveling at the fact that I can reach, bend and lift without pain. I am now doing things that I had not done in years. How I would love to tell those surgeons that I have found a much better way to live than spending 12 weeks at a time recovering from their surgeries which only lasted a few weeks before the pain returned. Believe me, I am completely sold on Dr. Clark’s chiropractic procedures that have given me a new lease on life.”
— Sandra R.

“Over the last few years, you saved my life, helped my daughter overcome hurdles so that she didn’t get stuck with a feeding tube. You are an amazing doctor, and you have a great practice. I love your staff, and suggest your practice to everyone I know, for anything they face, because there seems to be nothing you can’t fix.”
— Matt T.

“I came into Clark Chiropractic with a pain level of ten. I had tried everything to adjusting my diet and taking medications. Nothing worked; I had hit a brick wall. A friend of mine referred me to Clark Chiropractic, and after two years of living in pain I decided to go. After my first visit, my pain was reduced to half of what it was before I went. As I continued care, I significantly improved in less than two weeks. This Chiropractic office is different than others I have been to; the doctors not only adjust me, they educate me too! I never feel pressured and I like how the doctors tailor their care to fit my individual needs.”
— Laura V.

“I had heard several people out in the community mention Dr. Clark. Stating that he had worked miracles on them and that I must go give him a try. My case was pretty difficult. I had extreme lower back pain and my right leg was dragging. I was unable to do the things I normally could do and was getting to the point where I couldn’t deal with the pain any longer. I was very impressed with the thorough physical examination performed by Dr. Poole. He was very particular and well educated with the in’s and out’s of how my body was functioning and why I was experiencing those symptoms. Dr. Clark was able to get me out of that extreme pain and help me regain my mobility. His adjustments as well as his efforts to educate me on proper care have been key to my recovery. Clark Chiropractic are friendly and encouraging to me. I am amazed at the improvements I have seen in my condition. I would recommend Clark Chiropractic to all my friends and family!”
— Catherine C.

“My visit went well. I don’t have very much experience with chiropractic treatment however after one visit my neck and shoulder pain has been drastically reduced. My range of motion has also improved! The staff are friendly and welcoming and the attention given to my concerns was exceptional. Thank you all for your quality and professionalism.”
— Dennis P.

“It all started a couple of years ago when my friend had been ranting and raving about Clark Chiropractic. I came in a couple of times with her but it wasn’t until I slipped and fell and hit my tailbone on a rock that I came in for myself. I knew I didn’t want to go to the hospital and be put on medications and be told to just rest. So I called Clark Chiropractic and made an appointment that night. Dr. Poole was able to see me at 5pm on a Friday night! No other chiropractor was open or taking any patients at that time of the evening. I was in so much pain, unable to sit, and hardly walk. After just one quick adjustment, I got that immediate relief that helped me get through the weekend. By Monday, Dr. Clark and Dr. Poole had me in for a full exam, x-rays and adjustments. They were able to identify a source of my major lower back pain (spondylolisthesis) that I had for years. Both doctors were surprised at how I had lived with this condition for so long. I had been to many doctors that had just wanted me to go get surgery right away stating it was the only way to deal with and/or fix this issue. Yet, I decided to come here to Clark Chiropractic and was able to get the beneficial for over 2 years and hold off surgery until it was absolutely necessary. Dr. Clark was able to restore warmth and nerve feeling to my numb, cold and tingling legs. I was also able to continue with all my normal work duties such as pushing, pulling and lifting patients. I have been coming here for years and believe in all the different ways and methods offered here. From Impulse adjustments, to Cold Laser Therapy, to good ole fashioned manual adjustments. I have told many of my friends and coworkers about this place and the benefits of chiropractic care. I trust and recommend these Doctors and their staff any day! I even bring my children here to get their care as well. This is more than just a place where doctors crack your back; this is a WELLNESS CENTER, where they care about your well being through all different facets.”
— Michelle G.

“I started to see Dr. Chase Clark in February 2013 because he said he could help me. It is now August 2013 and I have no problems. I have the occasional sniffles, but have stopped taking Nasacort, Benadryl and any other allergy medication. My doctor told me to not argue with success! In addition, since Dr. Clark has started treating me, the constant pain in my hips has gone away. He has also helped my lower back pain and neck aches.”
— Laura H.

“Since the fall of 2011, I have received chiropractic care from Dr. Stephen Clark for recurring neck and lower back pain. The care Clark Chiropractic provides includes manual and mechanical adjustments, massage therapy, and the use of chiropractic tools to aid in successful treatment and recovery. The doctors provide a dynamic, personable experience with each visit. They take the time to explain what they feel and see, how they want to proceed with the treatment and why the approach will benefit my condition. I always get greeted each visit with a smile and a hello; the clinic staff is very professional and courteous. The environment inside the clinic is comfortable and welcoming. With numerous choices in the country for neck and back care, you will not regret the decision to visit Clark Chiropractic!”
— Scott D.

“I was in a bad car accident and was referred to Clark Chiropractic. My pain level was severe, at 9 out of 10. When I started getting treatment after the accident my pain level reduced significantly. The doctors helped me with continued care at home to help me get better. I can now work with no pain! I would refer anyone to Clark Chiropractic. I always feel better and work better when I leave.”
— Curtis H.

“One of my Coworkers was in a car accident and had been rear-ended severely. She had asked around and found out about Clark Chiropractic. After seeing her go to Dr. Clark, I was able to see how much he helped her. She was feeling so much better and able to move about a lot more. I had also seen my wife get treated by Dr. Clark as well. She would constantly tell me about all the things he was helping her with and how she was able to live her normal life again with his help (adjustments). So, after a couple of years of hearing all the people around me brag about him, I finally decided to go in and see him for myself. I work alot and am very hard on my body, so none the less I was experiencing a good amount of lower back pain and in. I felt a big difference right away! It was like day and night! I could move better, the pain dropped immensely, and i finally felt some relief. And best of all since I’ve been seeing Dr. Clark the pain went away and has stayed away!”
— Anthony S.

“Dr. Bailey took me from severe pain to none in three weeks. Not only was the Chiropractic care amazing, but the whole staff makes you feel right at home and relaxed. From both Doctors to the ladies up front it is definitely a team effort.”
— Christian B.

“When I came to Clark Chiropractic I was having severe back pain and could barely walk. Right away, the doctors were able to free up my back and I was able to work again with no pain. I like how the doctors are very attentive to my personal needs. They are determined to make your body feel better again; going after the cause rather than the symptoms.”
— Dave W.

“Ever since I had my son, I had severe back, arm and hip pain. I have always just lived with the pain because I am very skeptical of chiropractors. One day, I decided to take a chance and call Dr. Clark’s office. They got me in the same day, took x-rays, and found that my hips and neck are not how they are suppose to be. Now months later, I have shown fast improvement in my overall health and in my running. Dr. Clark also helped educate me on my well-being and health. He is a miracle worker; he proved to me that I don’t have to just live with the pain!”
— Nicolle G.

“A year ago we came to Dr. Clark because my husband’s hip was hurting him. I also had neck pain and back pain. Dr. Clark was able to get us moving well and our bodies aligned again. Dr. Clark is like a miracle drug, he makes you feel so good you keep coming back. My husband has broken his neck twice, broke several bones and had a stroke 28 years ago. It’s amazing how well he feels after seeing Dr. Clark for a year! We have referred several people to Dr. Clark and would tell anyone to go see him; he is wonderful!”
— Chigbrows

“I have received great care from Dr. Clark and the rest of the staff. I was in a car accident over a year ago and Dr. Clark has helped me so much! Would highly recommended this office!”
— Angie W

“I have been to several chiropractors before going to Clark Chiropractic, and have never had the positive results that I have had. My body has had many injuries, and Dr. Clark and Dr. Poole have been able to relieve my chronic pain. Whenever something is out of place, I know I can come here and the doctors give me the relief and knowledgeable empathy. They address the immediate problem and I am always impressed with the speed of recovery. I would highly recommend Clark Chiropractic to anyone; they are wonderful!”
— Karen W.

“I finally came to see Dr, Clark after hearing my friend Diana rant and rave about him for so long. I was also involved in a car accident. I came in with severe lower back pain and couldn’t move my neck very well. Dr. Clark was able to get me out of the pain and help me get my movement back. He has a gentle feel about him and his staff is the friendliest group of people you’d ever want to be around. They are all so welcoming and always greet you with their smiles. I would recommend Clark Chiropractic to everyone. I drive all the way from Grapeview to come get adjusted because it works. I am now able to go upstairs and all over the place without stopping due to pain constantly. I truly thank him for all that he has done for me.
— Mary M.

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